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The Bible is clear about two things. Number one, God created us for His pleasure. And number two, God says that without believing, without faith, it is impossible to please Him. That means believing is critical!Believing is a subject that cannot be overemphasized or exhausted because it is the very key that unlocks the door of life, as God intends. That is what this book is about, believing!Believing in God, believing in ourselves, and believing in the purpose for which God created us. Believing is the one thing we can never afford not to do, and it is also the one thing we can always do, no matter where we are or what's going on in our lives. Therefore, it is imperative that we not only talk about believing but also that we practice it daily.Beloved, life does not truly begin until we start believing. Until we believe, it is as though we are dead because God created us to believe, for this is how we connect with our God. So… I write!

139 pages

Believe : Boldly Embrace Living In Eternal Victory Every Day

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