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Living Saved Part-A!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

As we previously stated, it's one thing to Be Saved but it is definitely another ball game entirely to Live Saved and many people struggle with doing so. Yet, the Lord does require us to live based on what we believe, which is why He asked the question,

And why call ye me Lord Lord and do not the things which i say? Luke 6:46

So how then do we live saved? We sorta hinted to it in our first blog, according to the Lord we have to deny ourselves...

1. Self Denial, that is the first step towards living saved... Luke 9:23c

My lovely wife and I would love to talk more with you on this subject because that's what we Live, Preach and Teach at PRCI... follow us on the Facebook at Perfecting Reconciliation Church Intl or George Blanks Ministries. If you would like to read more of our Blogs go to GBM.Global and click on More then click on "The Pastor's Blog" ...

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